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Job Title: Sales Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1、Responsible for sales and promotion of company products;
2、According to marketing plan, complete department sales metrics;
3、Open up new markets, develop new customers, increase product sales;
4、Collect and discover potential customers, formulate and promote detailed sales strategies, quantify sales targets, and complete sales tasks;
5、Management and maintenance of customer relationships and long-term strategic cooperation plans between customers。


1、High school education or above, with experience in the lithium battery industry, academic qualifications can be relaxed, accepting fresh graduates;
2、Quick response, strong expressive ability, strong communication skills and communication skills, affinity;
3、Have a certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service awareness;
4、Responsible, able to withstand greater work pressure;
5、Obey the command, have teamwork spirit, be good at challenge, have aspiration for long-term development in an industry。

Job Position: Business Orders

Job's duty:

1、Responsible for receiving record tracking and replying of customer order information. Determine the number of orders placed, model series, specifications, dimensions, payment, etc.
2、Responsible for summary and entry of daily sales list;
3、Responsible for summarizing and recording daily customer complaints to resolve post-sale issues in a timely manner;
4、Do a good job in receiving orders and sales skills, and be proficient in product series, model, size and other professional knowledge;
5、Responsible for the coordination of various business managers, good communication and customer order information and reply work for each customer;
6、Communicate with the customer to place an order must be in writing, such as fax;
7、After receiving the customer's fax, they should first communicate with related business personnel about the relevant issues, and then they must call the customer again to confirm the order content on the fax, after confirming that the order content is correct, then play a single verification amount;
8、After the order is completed, the customer’s total amount will be repaid and the customer will be notified of the order deposit.;
9、After going to the financial department to confirm the deposit of the customer's payment, it will release the production order to the production planning office.;
10、Track the entire process of order production, be aware of which link the order is in, and plan the date of shipment with reference to the contract date;
11、After the production of the order is completed, it is necessary to inform the customer in advance of the balance, and after the financial confirmation of the full payment, arrange the shipment.;
12、Communicate with business staff to coordinate freight related issues;
13、Contact with the financial, cashier, warehouse stocking, inspection, loading, delivery;
14、Information interface transfer work responsible for customer complaints;
15、Documentary clerk must communicate well with customers, customer service, finance, business personnel and other departments.;
16、Aggregate daily sales and make daily reports;
17、Responsible for the establishment of sales account and recovery of accounts receivable;
18、Strict implementation of the company's rules and regulations, and actively complete the work requirements and objectives issued by the sales department;
19、According to customer requirements, according to the company's relevant processes, timely and accurate delivery;
20、Completing other tasks assigned by the leader。

Working authority:

1、Release order production order, transfer order, delivery plan instruction;
2、To supervise the "timely, qualitative, and quantitative" delivery principles of all production departments;
3、The power to supervise the collection of accounts receivable。

Apply for request:

1、If you are interested, please send your resume to the email address as an attachment:aonon8008@szjkn.com。Please use the title of the mail: Job name + personal name + phone number;
2、For personal calls, please keep the common mobile phone number. If you meet the requirements, we will communicate with you on the telephone to interview you.;
3、The personnel department will conduct multi-party verification on the qualifications of the hiring personnel. Please prepare real and effective personal data.。


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