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Battery quality

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• Quality policy

The relevant quality policy is as follows:

• The production of high quality products as an important way to obtain customer trust and satisfaction. It is the basic condition for guaranteeing the company's continuous success and development。

• Will continue to maintain its leading position in the market with high quality and reliable products, providing customers with maximum use value。

• The products provided are in full compliance with the contract requirements and relevant standards. At the same time, the company also makes every effort to grasp the understanding of the customer's real requirements for the product in order to perform its duties in the best way and meet customer needs.。

• All department managers and all staff are required to perform their duties with due diligence, continuously improve the quality of their work, and regard it as the basic primary goal to achieve the company's future development goals through practical actions.。

• Quality Plan

To better implement the quality policy, develop a quality plan that includes:

• The operator is responsible for the quality, to make it competent, to provide necessary training, and to grant him certain authority.。

• Emphasis will be placed on highlighting the "detection" method that has passed through the inspection of the product to the "prevention" method that has been conducted by controlling the production process. Make full use of statistical methods (such as SPC - statistical program control, etc.) to effectively control the production process。

•Reduce the number of scrapped and returned products. Analyze product defects, take precautions, and correct corrective measures to classify them.。

• Respond to customer opinions in a timely manner and use customer opinions and customer monitoring systems to ensure that similar customer complaints are prevented from occurring in future production and work。

• Quality principle

The result of the implementation of total quality management principles to meet customer requirements. The quality principle requires each employee to understand that not only does the company have customers that need to be satisfied, but each employee also has their own customers that need to be satisfied—the operators of their next process are their customers. Total quality management is part of the corporate culture and is integrated into all levels of the company from top to bottom. The overall quality management plan includes the following strategies:

• Continue efforts to continuously improve production processes to meet product specifications。

• Strengthen management, motivate employees to improve product quality spontaneously, and not rely solely on customer feedback to improve product quality。

• The improvement of product quality is the work of the company’s full staff, not just the work of the quality management department。

• Strengthen awareness of quality management and encourage all employees to become driving forces for product quality improvement。

• Formulate the most effective production process to control the production process。

• Designed for quality, not just to detect defects。

• In the process of production control, suppliers must be involved. They are responsible partners for program control, not opponents.。

• Calculate the actual cost of the material carefully, not only at the material's order price。

• Product qualification and first product test

Conduct the following test:

• At the end of product development, product qualification tests are performed on the complete structural design of the mechanical structure and circuit. The purpose of the test is to verify that the product meets all the specified parameters。

• For the new product or series of products that are produced from the processing machine or the production line as planned, the first product test shall be conducted. The purpose of the test is to verify most of the specified parameters of the product。

• Product Quality Plan

The use of a comprehensive quality plan ensures that the products produced meet the customer's requirements and production standards. Specifically include:

• General procedure for product quality assurance。

• Quality organization participation。

• Production and test flow chart。

• Product qualification and first product test requirements。

• Product production and test schedule。

• Test equipment, calibration equipment, measuring tools, etc.。

• Production monitoring - quantity, scrap, etc.。

• Self test。

• Statistical program control。

• Production monitoring table, monitoring label。

• Special tests - destructive tests, periodic tests, etc.。

• Final Inspection - Related Sampling Requirements。

• Maintenance, packaging, storage and transportation。

• Supply to customers。

• Record, analyze and report。


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