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Rehabilitation Battery
3.7V 652540-620mAh Massager battery
3.7V 180mAh 502025 Sleep instrument battery
11.1V 18650-5200mAh Cervical rehabilitation instrument battery
14650 1200mAh Electromagnetic cervical physiotherapy battery
18650-3.7V-2200mAh Household physiotherapy battery
3.7V 100mAh 601220-1S1P Hearing aid battery
18650-11.1V-2600mAh Scraper battery
3.7V 102050-1000mAh Electromagnetic pulse cervical physiotherapy battery
3.7V 103450-1800mAh Eye protector battery
3.7V 403040-350mAh Handheld pulmonary function meter battery
3.7V 504055-1300mAh Eye massager battery
3.7V 603040-650mAh Blood glucose meter battery
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3.7V 603040-650mAh Blood glucose meter battery

3.7V 650mAh 603040-1S1P Blood glucose meter battery
Combination: 603040-1S1P
Nominal capacity: 650mAh
Nominal voltage: 3.7V
Charge/discharge protection: Yes
Cut-off voltage: 3.0V
Up-limit voltage: 4.2V
Maximum working current: 650mA
Maximum charge current: 650mA
Working temperature: Charge: 0~45℃ Discharge: -20~60℃
Dimension: 60.2*30.5*42.5mm


Application Fields:
Bluetooth speaker, alarm speaker, two-way radio, LED beauty lamp etc.

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