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Recruitment: PACK Assistant Engineer


1, familiar with the product design process, master the performance of common plastic/hardware materials, and have an understanding of plastic/metal mold machining;

2, familiar with single-section, multi-section protection board design, PACK cost, battery structure design, PACK design and production process, can be faster Solve PACK production anomalies;

3, three years of lithium battery PACK experience, familiar with polymer cell plus board plus line technology, familiar with single and double protection board Parameters and IC models, can independently produce product specifications, process documents, work diligently and carefully.

4, serious and responsible work, strong execution, good teamwork spirit;

5, to guide the implementation of the production process;

6. Predictability knows that the quality personnel of the production line will guide the quality control of the production products;

7, with good learning and the ability to solve problems independently.

Recruitment: PACK production Supervisor


1, comprehensively control and coordinate personnel management and production activities in the production department;

2, release production plans and tasks, schedule and control the progress of production operations;

3, tracking production conditions, product requirements, production processes, production value targets, etc., to complete production targets on time;

4, respond to production anomalies in a timely manner, find problems in time, and make reasonable suggestions;

5, participate in action plans and implementation to improve production efficiency and improve product quality;

6. Monitor the standard operation method to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the production site;

7, responsible for the management, training and training of employees.


1, male or female, 24-35 years old, high school or above;

2, 3 years of production management experience (lithium battery, mobile power industry priority; consumer electronics production management experience can also, except The above three items are not considered);

3. Proficient in product quality specifications and production standards, familiar with product technical characteristics and production processes, familiar with manufacturing, logistics and technology. Operational process;

4, with strong quality management, process optimization, overall organization and communication and coordination, have a good analytical and problem-solving Ability;

5, with training experience, understanding safety production, strong execution, etc.;

Recruitment: Purchasing


1, complete the purchase order system according to the company's business needs, confirm, arrange delivery and track the arrival date;;

2, responsible for the investigation and assessment of the new supplier's production capacity, production scale, equipment investment, implementation of payment terms, and selection and evaluation;

3. Responsible for the control of procurement costs, evaluate the situation where the error is likely to occur or the material is delayed, and make a decision;

4, a comprehensive review of all suppliers, targeted procurement strategies;

5, responsible for the supplier's archives, purchase unit price, procurement contract review;

6, responsible for handling the defective goods and final negotiations with the supplier;


1, college degree or above;

2, 2 years of battery industry procurement experience;

3. Be able to evaluate suppliers in a fair and principled manner to ensure the reasonableness of expenses;

4. Have good communication skills and be able to establish good relationships with suppliers on the principle of equality and mutual benefit;

5, able to control the procurement department in a comprehensive manner, flexible handling of the work of various departments.

Recruitment: Sales Engineer


1, responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's products;

2, according to the marketing plan, complete departmental sales indicators;

3. Develop new markets, develop new customers, and increase product sales;

4, collect and explore potential key customers, develop and promote detailed sales strategies, quantify sales targets, and complete sales tasks;

5. Manage and maintain customer relationships and long-term strategic cooperation programs between customers.


1, high school and above, experience in the lithium battery industry can be relaxed, can accept fresh graduates;

2, quick response, strong expressive ability, strong communication skills and communication skills, with affinity;

3, with certain market analysis and judgment, good customer service awareness;

4, Responsible, able to withstand greater work pressure;

5, obey the command, have a team spirit, be good at challenges, and have a long-term development in an industry.

Recruitment: Business Single

Work function:

1. Responsible for accepting record tracking and replying of customer order information. Determine the number of orders placed, model series, specifications, dimensions, payment, etc.;

2, responsible for the summary and entry of the daily sales list;

3. Responsible for summarizing and recording daily customer complaints in order to resolve after-sales issues in a timely manner;

4, improve the order work and sales skills, and master the product series, model, size and other professional knowledge;

5, responsible for coordinating the business managers, to communicate with each customer and customer order information and reply work;

6. Communicating with customers must be in the form of a fax or other written form;

7. After receiving the customer fax, you should first communicate with the business personnel, and then you must call the customer again to confirm the fax. After the above order content is confirmed, the order content is correct, and then the total amount of the payment is confirmed by the bill;

8. After the order is completed, reply to the total amount of the customer's payment, and notify the customer to make an order deposit;

9, go to the financial department to determine the customer's payment deposit, release the production order to the production plan;

10. Track the entire production process of the order, know exactly where the order is, and plan the shipping date by reference to the contract date.

11. After the order is completed, the customer must be notified in advance to pay the balance, and the financial confirmation will be arranged after the full payment is received; Span>

12. Communicate and coordinate with the business staff on shipping matters;

13. Contact with finance, cashier, warehouse stocking, inspection, loading, and shipping;

14. Information interface delivery for customer complaints;

15. The clerk must communicate and coordinate with the customer, customer service, finance, business personnel and other departments;

16. Summarize daily sales and make daily statements;

17. Responsible for the establishment of the sales ledger and the recovery of accounts receivable;

18. Strictly implement the company's rules and regulations, and actively complete the various work requirements and goals issued by the sales department;

19, according to customer requirements, in accordance with the company's relevant processes, timely and accurate delivery.

20. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader

Work permissions:

1, order production order, ordering order, delivery plan instruction;

2. Supervise the "on time, quality, quantity" delivery principle of each production department;

3. The power to supervise the collection of accounts receivable.

Acquisition requirements:

1. If you are interested, please send your resume to the email address as aonon8008@szjkn.com. Please use the post title: job title + personal name + phone number form;

2, please keep your usual mobile phone number if you are on the phone. If you meet the requirements, our personnel will communicate with you through the phone for specific interviews;

3. The qualification department of the personnel department will conduct multi-party verification, please prepare real and effective personal information.

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