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There is no miracle ..

There is no miracle to do sales, only Heaven rewards!

2017 is almost over. In the remaining three months of this year, how are you going to arrange your own work? Or continue to talk about it?

The result is a cure for all diseases and a large single solution. Salesman, if you still need the leader to stare at you to complete the performance, then simply do not do sales, I think the assembly line is more suitable for you.

Let's do sales more by relying on self-discipline, consciously, and self-learning. Because in the workplace, no one will take the initiative to teach you why? The church apprentice, hungry master, basically have no time to teach you, you do not have time to learn, the company is doing a place of performance, not a full-time training school!

To do sales, if you want to let your supervisor be willing to take care of you, then you will rest. People are not your parents and you have no obligation. No time to marry you, either do or leave, performance is king!

If you are good, you don't need someone to stare at you!

1. To sell, you must know that you are working for yourself, not for others.

Regardless of whether it is dry now, start a business or work in a company, always keep in mind that you are not working for others. In the process, you are growing up. Your boss just gives you a stage, and your stage wants more. Wonderful, you have to rehearse yourself. Doing more things, more experiences, and making more friends will all allow you to learn a lot. The chief executive is on you. Even if you leave, nobody can deprive you of it. No matter where you go, Can increase the value of your own!

2, pay and harvest, is always proportional to.

It is very simple for the boss to hand over a thing to you. But afterwards, do you not feel that you are wasting your youth and life? One thing could have been completed in 20 minutes. You have to mill a clock, so I also know it's easy. I repeat it three times a day. Then I go to work every day to soy sauce, or I go home to my wife and children. How to improve?

After leaving school, the way we acquire knowledge is no longer reading in class, but through the accumulation of experience in the work and interaction with people. To make money, you must first allow yourself to be worthy of money, only to find ways to increase performance, to create excess profits for the company, only their own efforts in the matter, after the final finish or with their input can be proportional to!

3. Always remember that it's too small to waste time and waste youth.

Workdays are scolded, hey, let each other to each other, in fact, the mix is their youth! The youth passed by in awkward manner, and as a result, he looked back and looked, and there was nothing in these years. Especially in some big companies, there aren't a few people who have had a hard time. How much can you black bosses? Counting 100,000 a year for you, and 1 million for 10 years, this money has no meaning to the company. It means little, but you have wasted a decade of youth! A decade has been abandoned. Should one day the company die, or if you discover that you are awkward, you will be taken out directly. What do you do then? Are you competitive? When you are young, you don’t have to suffer hardships. Sadly, you have to suffer even if you are old. This is the most “bitter” thing!

4. Always remember that there is not a dime for yourself.

Sometimes, when you experience and experience to a certain extent, you will gradually discover that its realization is very fair to everyone, the opportunity is to create by themselves, blame everyone, only let you fall into an endless abyss, active, there is People with positive energy will not be with you, why? Do you think the complaining person will have a result? There is no benefit to others, but it is not good for them. Success does not depend on complaints, but on the experience and ability accumulated by oneself!

5, always remember to do sales, either endure or roll.

Really do not like your company, do not like their own products, bosses or colleagues, there is no need to stay, and quickly withdraw, because you do not need to do anything they do not like in order to please anybody, boring work and cost In your own life, you have the right to choose your own life and work.

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