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Battery types and cl..

Battery types and classification methods

There are different methods for classifying batteries. The classification methods can be divided into three major categories.

The first category: According to the type of electrolyte, including: alkaline batteries, electrolytes mainly potassium hydroxide fire solution battery: such as: alkaline zinc manganese battery (commonly known as alkaline manganese batteries or alkaline batteries), nickel-cadmium batteries, Ni-MH battery and so on. Acid battery, mainly used as the medium of sulfuric acid solution, such as zinc-manganese dry battery (some consumers also call it acidic battery), seawater battery, etc.; organic electrolyte battery, mainly organic solution as the medium of the battery, such as lithium battery, lithium Ion batteries.

The second category: According to the nature of work and storage methods include: primary battery, also known as the original battery, that can not be recharged batteries, such as zinc-manganese dry batteries, lithium primary batteries, etc.; secondary batteries, rechargeable batteries, such as nickel-metal hydride Batteries, lithium batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, etc.; batteries used to refer to lead-acid batteries, but also secondary batteries; fuel cells, that is, active materials in the battery when the battery is continuously added from the outside, such as hydrogen and oxygen fuel cells; The storage battery, ie, the battery is not in direct contact with the electrolyte during storage until the battery is used, the electrolyte is added, such as magnesium silver battery, also known as seawater battery.

The third category: According to the positive and negative electrode materials used in the battery, include: zinc series batteries, such as zinc-manganese batteries, zinc silver batteries, etc.; nickel series batteries, such as nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, etc.: lead series batteries, such as lead-acid batteries Lithium-ion batteries, lithium-manganese batteries, manganese dioxide batteries, such as zinc-manganese batteries, alkaline manganese batteries, etc.; air (oxygen) batteries, such as zinc-air batteries, etc.

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