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How to store the bat..

How to store the battery?

Generally, there are self-discharge phenomena inside the battery, commonly known as “running electricity”. The storage time and storage environment of the battery, especially the temperature, have a great influence on it. The longer the storage time is, the higher the temperature is, and the more the battery “runs electricity”. The higher the temperature, the greater the humidity, but also make the battery conductive contacts rust and not easy to use, but also increase the battery's "run", so the battery storage conditions are:

(1) The battery storage area should be clean, cool and ventilated;

(2) The temperature should be between 10~30°C, generally it should not exceed 40°C; the relative humidity is generally not more than 65%.

(3) It is not easy to store for a long time. When it is stored, it should be arranged neatly. Do not connect the positive and negative electrodes. This will cause a short circuit in the battery.

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