Home energy storage portable big power source

A/C input
Input voltage range:220Vac-240Vac
Related charging power:126W
Charging time:around 11 hours
A/C output
Related output voltage:220Vac
Related output frequency:60Hz
Related output power:600W

Peak output power:1200W
Output wave:pure sine wave
12V output
Output voltage range:DC9V-DC12.6V
Maximum output current:10A*1(cigarette lighter port)
5V output
Maximum output current:2.1A*1,1A*1
Energy storage battery pack
Nominal voltage:DC12V Related energy:1200Wh
Cycle life(100%DOD@25℃):1200 times(capacity no less than 80% of initial value)

Protection function:
Voltage protection:over voltage/low voltage protection
Temperature protection:over heat/low temperature protection
Current protection:over current/short circuit protection
Environmental parameters
Working temperature:-20℃~50℃

Working/storage humidity:10%~90%(without condensation)
Mechanical parameters
Weight:around 16Kg
Ø small, light, mobility;

Ø support electric supply, PV, car power source etc. various power sources charging;
Ø AC, DV etc. different voltage output;
Ø high performance, high safe energy storage ternary lithium battery pack;
Ø over/low voltage, over/low temperature, over current etc. battery system protection functions;


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