Military mobile device battery pack (22.2V 80Ah)
Combination: 6S36P
Nominal voltage: 22.2V
Nominal capacity: 80Ah
Standard continuous discharge current: 20A
Maximum continuous discharge current: 40A
Work temperature: Charge: 0~45℃;Discharge: -40~60℃
Dimension: MAX294*188*136mm
Cycle life: 500 times

Output mode: black/red wire (customizable)

Design scheme of battery pack for military mobile device

1) protection circuit board PCM):Mainly design against protection circuit board for rechargeable high capacity battery pack. Because of the chemical characteristics of lithium battery, in order to avoid burning, explosion etc. dangerous situation, must provide over charge, over discharge, short circuit, over current & over heat etc. protection function.

2protection ICProtection IC):Main protection function chip in design scheme, carry on-line constantly monitor on over charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit etc. function of battery cell. Ensure batter cell work within the scope of safety, stability, high efficiency.

3 over current protection chipPTC):Mainly design against secondary protection function. PTC can recover thermal fuse with dual function: over current protection & auto recovery. PTC inside battery cell can prevent the cell occurs high temperature discharge and un-safe large current.

4MOSFET chipMOSFET chip, on on-off action in protection circuit

5Packing of battery packplastic film


Application Fields:

military mobile equipment, scientific research equipment, radio station, instrumentation, remote control signal device etc.

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