(1) Battery Structure and Performance Characteristics

Alkaline zinc-manganese dry batteries (abbreviated as alkaline batteries) adopt an electrode structure opposite to that of an ordinary zinc-manganese battery in structure, increasing the relative area between the positive and negative electrodes, and adopting a highly conductive alkaline electrolyte, positive and negative electrodes. High-energy electrode materials are used. Therefore, the capacity and discharge time of alkaline manganese batteries are 3 to 7 times that of ordinary batteries of the same type. The difference between low temperature performance is greater. Alkaline manganese batteries are more resistant to low temperatures and are more suitable for high-current discharge and requirements. Operating conditions where the operating voltage is relatively stable.

(2) Characteristics of "AONON" products

AONON brand alkaline zinc-manganese battery products have the following advantages:

a, free of mercury and cadmium, friendly to the environment;

b. Use ultra-thin steel shell technology to increase the internal battery capacity, thereby increasing the battery discharge capacity;

c. The secondary recompression of the manganese ring and carbon coating on the inner wall of the steel shell reduce the internal resistance of the battery and improve the large current discharge performance of the battery.

d, the use of ultra-fine high density fiber separator, can effectively extend the storage period of the battery;

e. The sealing plug is equipped with a safety explosion-proof structure to prevent the explosion of the battery due to improper use of the battery.

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