The designation of the 5th battery has a lot to do with its appearance. It is decided that the size of the 5th battery is not an exaggeration, because the 5th battery has some aliases, so the commonly used LR6 battery size and AA battery size also express 5 No. Battery size.

When people talk about how many "number" batteries, it must be a cylindrical battery, because the cylinder is represented by the diameter and height, so all cylinder batteries including the 5th battery size are in accordance with these two Parameters to indicate. The zinc-manganese dry battery shows the size of the No. 5 battery as follows.

First, the diameter: The diameter of the No. 5 battery is mostly between 14mm~14.5mm. On this basis, each battery manufacturer will have an error value of ±0.2mm;

Let me talk about the height: to be flat and wear (positive) caps on both size 5 batteries, standard flat head (without wearing a positive cap) battery height 49mm ~ 50mm, each battery manufacturer allows ± 0.5mm error, if plus positive cap On this basis, we must add a height of 05mm.

Because the 5th battery size can make high power, and the size is moderate, so the 5th battery size is used in the ordinary zinc-manganese battery (also called carbon battery), alkaline zinc-manganese battery (also called alkaline Nickel-cadmium power battery and nickel-metal hydride battery in batteries and secondary batteries. Now, the size of the 5th battery is also used in lithium-ion batteries, such as 14500 battery shape is equivalent to the size of the 5th battery, but, with the shape of the 5th, lithium battery capacity is much larger.

The size of the 5th battery is also used for some special modifications, such as 1/2AA, 2/3AA, etc. However, they have the same, which is the diameter, so these special 5th batteries are only the size of the 5th battery. The change in height, made into this deformed size 5 battery is for some specific purposes.

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