18650-3.7V-2200mAh Household physiotherapy battery
Nominal voltage: 3.7V
Nominal capacity: 2200mAh
Standard continuous discharge current: 1100mA
Maixmum continuous discharge current: 2200mA
Working voltage range: 2.8-4.2V
Charge mode: constant current/voltage
Charge current: 1A
Working temperature: Charge: 0~45℃ Dicharge: -20~60℃
Dimension: MAX19*70mm

18650-3.7V-2200mAh家用理疗仪电池.JPG3.jpg光固化机锂电池3.7V 2200mAh.JPG

Application Fields

Portable Device:electric wheelchair, scooter, electric sprayer, POS machine、handset、portable printer、handheld data terminal

Medical Instruments:ECG monitor、B ultrasound、breathing machine

Industry Apparatus:flaw detector、fusion splicer、optical power meter, mapping, scanner, air detector

Consumer Electronics:PDA、emergency light etc.

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