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No.5 dry cell discharge c..

No.5 dry cell discharge current

The discharge current of the 5th dry cell The current supplied by the 5th dry cell to the load depends on the magnitude of the load resistance (I=U/R). The larger the load resistance, the smaller the current, and vice versa. However, the No. 5 dry cell has a maximum allowable current. Above this value, the dry cell is easily damaged or its life is shortened.

The length of use time of a No.5 dry cell is related to the size of the discharge current, ie, the load size is related to the internal resistance of the battery (the internal resistance of a lithium battery is negligible, but it cannot be ignored in the case of large-current discharge). Most battery manufacturers do not provide the use time of the No. 5 dry battery because the internal resistance of the No. 5 dry battery changes greatly during discharge, and after the discharge is stopped, it can be recovered in small amounts. It is difficult to accurately determine the time when discharge is completed.

The maximum discharge current of the No. 5 dry cell, ie, the short-circuit current, is generally 100 mA to 200 mA....

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