To further improve the fire safety knowledge and fire fighting skills of all employees. On November 24, 2017, Shenzhen Jinkaieng Battery Co., Ltd. invited teachers from Xixiang Fire Knowledge Communication Center to hold a fire safety knowledge training seminar on the theme of “Strengthening Safety Awareness and Improving Practical Prevention Skills” for employees.

Instructors combined with fire cases in recent years, especially high-rise buildings and electrical fire cases, provided in-depth explanations on the day-to-day management of firefighting, basic knowledge of evacuation and escape, emergency and prevention of firefighting fires, and proper use of firefighting equipment. The use of a large number of examples and on-site pictures shows the serious hazards of lack of fire-fighting awareness and fire-fighting knowledge. Focused on fire characteristics, basic knowledge of fire prevention, knowledge of the basic laws and characteristics of fire occurrence, development, extinction, etc., and taught preventive measures and how to fight the initial fire, and how to organize the evacuation of people and the fire field to rescue themselves. Methods and other knowledge.

Through this fire safety training, employees' fire awareness and fire fighting skills were further improved. This training created a good atmosphere and reached the desired goal.

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