In order to further standardize the production order, raise the production level and promote the sharing of production experience. On November 21st, Shenzhen Jinkaieng Battery Co., Ltd. specially organized the production experience sharing and sharing session, and shared the working experience and treatment ideas accumulated in the production process.

The training was led by Du Gong, chief engineer. He combined many years of field experience to explain problems found in the production process and improvement measures. Du Gong interacted with the participants in the understanding of perceptual, rational, experience, and experience, and introduced training topics through understanding of practice, understanding, practice, and understanding. During the training, he explained various problems in the production process of the company's various varieties, the research ideas for solving problems, the formulation of problem-solving goals and specific measures, the formulation of preventive measures, practical applications, and other aspects, and found problems and solved problems. The idea was communicated with the on-site participants.

In this training, Du Gong demonstrates the training contents through examples, on-site illustrations, and specific measures. The sharing and interaction of experience can enable everyone to actively discover problems, find the root causes of problems, and ultimately avoid similar problems.

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