To improve employees' safety awareness and safe operation skills, ensure that employees have the knowledge of safe production required for their own work, master production safety rules and regulations, and safe operating procedures, prevent accidents, ensure safe production, improve work efficiency, and improve overall efficiency. The overall quality of production management personnel ensures the smooth completion of the company's goals and tasks for 2017. Jinkai has organized the training of relevant unit personnel for safe production and vigorously promoted the safety policy of “safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management”. The training was held in the company's conference room on November 16, 2017. The training will train production management personnel.

The leaders of the company attach great importance to the training work. The comprehensive management department is responsible for the training organization, and the administrative department is responsible for the implementation of safety training. All units attach great importance to it, organize it carefully, and actively cooperate with the development of the training work. The training process is carried out in strict accordance with the plan. With the support of the leadership and a reasonable training plan, the production management personnel responded positively during the entire training process and the training enthusiasm was high. In accordance with the company's requirements, the lecturers carefully prepared the relevant lesson plans. The training content is rich, the form is diversified, the pertinence is strong, the modern enterprise safety management knowledge is systematically taught, and the advanced safety concepts and detailed introductions are instilled into the production management personnel. The laws and regulations, combined with one of the real cases that occurred in the past in the industry, give production managers an analysis of the causes of the accident, educating everyone to prevent problems, raising awareness and ability to prevent accidents, and reducing or eliminating accidents. The majority of production management personnel listened, looked seriously, and carefully remembered, and received tangible results.

The safety training Jin Kai used the methods of signing in, explaining, testing and scoring to stimulate the interest and enthusiasm of the entire production management staff. At the same time, it also strengthened the safety awareness of the production management personnel. The purpose was to achieve no dead ends, no The missing item provides guarantee for the company's goal of "zero accidents in production safety throughout the year."

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