In order to improve the professionalism of employees, broaden the horizon for development, inspire work ideas, strengthen cultural cultivation, enhance overall quality, and enable employees to better perform their duties. Jinkaieng Company has established a training plan for various departments and management personnel. Its main contents include professional knowledge, legal knowledge, enterprise management knowledge, various rules and regulations of the company, and the spirit of superior instructions.

To enable employees to conduct business learning activities smoothly, first, a company learning activity leading group was set up and a program of activities was formulated. Specific guidelines and objectives, content requirements, methods and measures, and organization and leadership have been specifically requested; The establishment of a long-term learning mechanism has fundamentally mobilized the enthusiasm of the full-students' learning and achieved the good results of applying their knowledge through study; III. Conducting random inspections of employees' study notes and carrying out theoretical evaluation and test results; A number of incentives are used to increase the enthusiasm of employees, and the award rankings are included in the employee's year-end job evaluation results.

The launch of this activity has played an important role in building a learning enterprise, cultivating a knowledge-based workforce, and establishing a good corporate learning atmosphere.

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